Website & Graphic Design

January 25, 2012Web Tip # 1


It's Easy to Make a Website LOOK GOOD. But, what you REALLY WANT...
Is a Website That Brings you Customers!

With over 18 years expertise in graphic design, marketing, direct sales and advertising... I will put my collection of skilled expertise at work towards building a successful website for you. Just tell me what your goals are and I will create a dynamic online presence for your company. All of the websites I create are original. No templates are used. You can be assured of an outstanding, one-of-a-kind website, which will add value to your business.

20 Years Expertise in Advertising

January 14, 2011Web Tip # 2


A Website Designer must first and foremost have expertise in ADVERTISING, to develop a website that will provide real value for both the buyer and seller. Having been trained by one of the Leading Entrepreneurs in the Country - has provided me with over 20 years of expertise in Advertising, Direct Sales and Online Marketing. With a background in Fine Arts, Commercial Art and Graphic Design... the websites I develop are always unique and tailored to meet the client's needs. Each website is designed exclusively to capture the essence of that particular company and to promote their product in a positive light.

We offer website design for islands in the Caribbean, including;
Bermuda - website design
Bahamas - website design
Turks and Caicos - website design
Cuba - website design
Cayman Islands - website design
Jamaica - website design
Dominican Republic - website design
Aruba - website design
Curacao - website design
Bonaire - website design
Puerto Rico - website design
US Virgin Islands - website design
Anguilla - website design
St Maarten - website design
Antigua - website design
Guadeloupe - website design
Dominica - website design
St Lucia - website design
Barbados - website design
Grenadines - website design
Grenada- website design
Trinidad and Tobago - website design